Get it Girl...

OK - so stage two has started for me and I feel like this is "real life G Tox" - wherein I am faced with real world eating habits and no longer have the crutch of "I"M ON A CLEANSE!" at the tip of my tongue. So, you know, application is the right word. Suck it up would be another choice.

For instance: this morning I joined a friend for breakfast and there was literally NOTHING on the menu that was cleanse friendly (not going to throw the establishment under the bus but...dang man, can't ya'll cook anything healthy?!). I opted for an egg white veggie omelette, knowing full well that eggs are not approved but you know what? I had to eat something. Best choice possible given the circumstances.

The things I can always control? Alcohol. Water intake. Supplements. The best choices possible.

I also have a bestie who is about to sign up for the G Tox, just waiting for all her supplements to come in. It gets me so FIRED UP to tell people about the cleanse, about how awesome they are going to feel, about the tricks of the trade, etc. This particular bestie really is looking for a weight loss option in addition to general health makeover...and I can't tell you how excited I am for her to reap the benefits of the G Tox.

Another note: HUGE snaps to my sweet friend Eliza Q., who holds me accountable constantly. We text and chat and review what we are eating, check in on one another and motivate each other. Good, bad, indifferent, we share the experience and it is SO helpful to not go at this alone. Sharing the experience and growing it together is part of what makes it so rewarding. So I definitely advise you to enlist a friend. They will talk you down when you realize you've been drooling over no bake peanut butter bars on Pinterest. Seriously.

Maintenance on the G Tox seems to be going well. The scale says so.

Here's to another 21 days!

The End is Near...

So, I'm on Day 19, two more days of G Tox left and maybe time for a little recap.

I feel incredible. Outside of the debacle called "Barcycle" on Sunday wherein I tried to die a slow vodka induced death on a golf cart in knee high St. Patrick's Day argyle socks.

Habits are a funny thing. My body is leaning on the G Tox method of eating and water and supplements and has become very much used to it. Expectant. It LIKES the G Tox.

MCH asked how much I've lost - it has been a total of 7 pounds. But it is a BIZARRE 7 pounds. It is in places I have never lost weight before - namely my stomach and lower body area. Belly fat, MCH claims.

I feel lighter. Slimmer. As slim as a self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian can feel, I think.

The lesson though is more than just shedding a few pounds for Spring Break (which is NICE, not gonna lie). It truly has been an exercise in modifying habits, seeing with eyes wide open the affect that FOOD has on your BODY. Emotionally, physically, everything is affected by food.

How nuts is that?!?

Day 22 is going to start a "modified" version, a Stage Two, if you will, on G Tox. I am going to continue my shakes and water, but with modified supplements provided by MCH. I would still like to shake a few more pounds off and I think the shakes really provide some structure for my day. I know a lot of G Tox-ers do NOT LOVE the shakes but, man, I must be adding crack to mine because they rock my little world.

The crack might explain the weight loss.


Gonna keep it up folks - loving some G Tox.

Life After G-Tox

I text messaged Mary Claire last night and asked her to address one simple thing:

What happens after G-Tox??!?!?

Since I started G-Tox, I have had extremely BAD experiences with any time processed food is put in my path - my tummy hurts, I feel awful, bloated, my body is totally rejecting it now. Just say no to hot dogs and chips at golf tournaments.

Which is a beautiful thing! Right?


It's obviously not realistic - or probably recommended - that one continue on a life of psyllium husk and 13 supplements a day. The G-Tox was intended to be a reset of eating and living habits, not a lifestyle in and of itself.

Although Lance Armstrong probably takes more supplements than that. But he is a super-athlete and I'm just doing Brazilian Butt Lift. Sorry, off topic, I just have him on the brain today.

How does one segue into a "normal" life once the detox is over? I am SCARED. How will my body change? How will I maintain this weight loss and healthy good feeling? Because I do NOT want to let this go.

Well, Mary Claire has promised that there is a "modified" version that is a good next step after G-Tox. Early on, I made a mental agreement with myself that the protein shakes are something I would continue on a daily basis for at least one, if not two of my meals - they are total hassle-free, yummy way to get nutrients and good things in my body, starting at breakfast. But what else can one do to maintain all the good things G-Tox did in 21 days?

Stay tuned - MCH has agreed to answer this question for everyone! YAY!

G-TOX stumble

Well- this is not a G-tox for the weak... at all... Once you fall off the wagon (which I did at HH's baby shower- mind you not with food, but champagne, and more champagne, and more champagne....) to the end of that event which led to my cheat dinner that night, which led to my thought, "a new day tomorrow" which led to me Have ass-ing it sense then... but,
TOMORROW really is a new day- and a new start for the G-TOX! The best part of it is that everyone around me has been so supportive- from my hubs Ken, to my friend, Liz (who is hard cord what what!), to my boss- Sara! It is amazing how many people have done or are doing a G-tox and are such an encouragement to me. It is not easy, but it is worth it- once you get the kinks worked out!
There are temptations... I am tempted daily by the building with the pink awning- calling my name from anywhere on this island really! (Donut Palace)

I wish I were wired different- I wish I was a person who craved fruits and veggie, but I am not- I am a person who CRAVES donuts and then more donuts... but I am inspired once again by situations, people on my pathway, and my future to really take a LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGG hard look at what goes in my body. I am TRYING everyday to change my thinking from a girl who eats because it tastes good to the girl who eats because it is good for me. I have noticed since my slip off the wagon- how I have changed towards how food makes me feel. Diet cokes are too sweet now that is a PLUS! I LOVE coffee in the morning... but I can't break up with my creamer- got to have a reason to keep going. I love the advocare protein shake- yum! and psyllium husk- you taste good in nothing- period. I am about to take Ken's advice and just "take it as a shot" and most like throw up after...

The song "What if I stumble, what if I fall" is playing in my head as I type this- but it is a new day tomorrow and a new chance to change every step you take from here on out... you will stumble, so will I again, but I truly believe that those stumbles are the ones that grow you.

It's like anything else hard- if it were easy- EVERYONE would do it!
Can I get an AMEN?!?!?
Putting my big girl panties on and dealing with it!

PS- the shower for Hayley was precious! LOVE HER!

Lesson Learned

Big ol' lesson learned on the G Tox: body still needs food.

I was working at a golf tournament yesterday and I KNEW BETTER - I knew they wouldn't have the right kind of food there. Even though breakfast was promising (Chik-fil-A had fruit cups and I grabbed one of those to hold me over), lunch consisted of a hot dog and chips.

I stared at it. What in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks was I going to do with that?!?

I made a game time decision: eat a few bites of hot dog without the bun, and a few chips.

OK and maybe I'm now G Tox cray-cray, but my tummy instantly rebelled and said "NO MA'AM" - it literally hurt from eating a handful of chips and two bites of hot dog. I pulled some emergency almonds out of my purse and chowed, vowing to make a stellar dinner when I was home and done with the tournament.

I did: I grilled a chicken breast (shared with Cat), made some whole grain brown rice and black beans, and a fresh pico out of tomatoes, onion, jalapenos and avocado. I was famished. Never before had I felt empty or starving on the G Tox but my body definitely told me "Sister, you need to EAT!"

This brought up a few important points for me.

One, I am going to carry a ziploc with a scoop of protein powder and my psyllium husk in my purse. I can find a bottle of water anywhere, meaning, LUNCH. I was unprepared and I paid the price for it.

Two, listen to your body. Mary Claire was very specific in telling me that this is not about deprivation. This is about emptying your body of toxins and bad things, refilling it with new ones. If you are HUNGRY? Truly HUNGRY? Eat something, dangit - but make sure it's unprocessed! Listen to your body and what it's telling you. Do chips and a gross hot dog in a white bun make your stomach turn? PUT IT DOWN.

Pay attention to how your body feels...

Because it will thank you in so many ways.

Aside, I have shed a few pounds, my skin looks aaaahhhhmazing, and I feel like I have a ton of energy. I feel...GOOD. Just good. And that's what this is all about!