Agree or disagree?

From my daily study, let me pose the question:
Woman are probably more aware of the appearance of other women than men are.
Agree or disagree?

As I was doing my study tonight- this question struck me... AGREE!  Can I write that any bigger??
Why is that?

We are aware of the beautiful people around us with great hair, a better figure, a nicer smile, whiter teeth, a better car, larger house, bigger boobs, smaller booty- whatever.... we as women notice and I think if we are not careful find ourselves in another woman's shadow.  We put ourselves there.

 Sadly, for me this is a struggle and I believe that for most of you- it is too.  Whether it is in our nature, or taught to us- we have a tendency to place ourselves in other women's shadow- constantly comparing and underscoring.  I remind my girls and myself that we all were beautifully and wonderfully made by a God that makes NO mistakes.  I am exactly who he wants me to be- let the peace in that wash over you!

Don't get me wrong- I am insecure in my insecurities... I hate admitting that this is a struggle for me.  I want to be the kind of woman and mom that lets God tend to my insecurities... Like Beth Moore said "let God heal our world torn souls and make us experience His security in our reality."

Be the beautiful you that I see!

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