G Tox Village

Everywhere I go, I run into people on the G Tox.

I wrote that one line...and a friend JUST texted me asking about it!

It has been really helpful to listen to the experiences that others are having on the G Tox. I love hearing how people are feeling, the things they try, the things that work and don't work.

Just this morning, Sondra was telling me how she has battled with drinking Dr. Pepper for years and yet, on the G Tox, she hasn't craved one, has been able to not have one without withdrawls, etc.

Now, I'm beginning to sound like an infomercial and before I get all Brazilian Butt Lift on you (yes, I own it, SUCKER)- G Tox isn't some miracle cure for addictions to donuts and Mountain Dew.

But it IS a pretty amazing way to "re-set" your way of thinking about food and your health. We live in such a fast-paced world where convenient food is at an arm's reach...drive-through, grease, starch, fat and guess what? IT'S CHEAP.

Being considerate of what you put in your body takes effort - and time. But there are ways to do it and G Tox is a really great segue into switching to that mind set.

It takes 2 minutes to make a shake. You'd still be in the McDonald's line, I promise. So relax and rest easy knowing that two of your meals are decided for you and they are healthy, filling and EASY. FAST.

Then concentrate on that one meal - how can you pack it full of goodness, how can you enjoy the experience of making it, how can you maximize that one eating opportunity? Even when you eat out (which I do a lot, for work) - take a good look at what is IN the meal you're about to order. Don't be afraid to ask questions: does that have sugar in it? Does it have sauce? Can you bring it on the side? Take charge of what you put in your body - because you know what?

Your body is going to LOVE you for it! Lean on your G Tox Village and share your experiences with others.

Help Hand On And Off The Wagon

So, here's what I really do like about the cleanse: you have some wiggle room.

Mary Claire totally reassured me that if something comes up and you HAVE to stray from the guidelines, you can! Don't beat yourself up, just enjoy what you you're about to do and then get back on your shakes and water as soon as possible. As MCH says, "you're doing amazing things for your body the other 20 days!"

JR came into town (aww, more on him in a bit) and I realized that it was a rather unfortunate situation to be drinking protein shakes while he was wanting to try out all my Galveston eating faves. He is very supportive of the detox though, and so we agreed to not fall completely off the wagon: we DID have dinner at Paco's on Friday night, but we shared a bottle of red wine and I had snapper with pico and avocado on it, ate the sugar snap peas and skipped the potatoes au gratin. Was it the healthiest thing in the world? Probably not...but it was a smart choice given my options and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

At HH's baby shower the next day, Haynes and I indulged in a glass of champagne. But I didn't feel the need to eat any of the food there, which was WEIRD.

Because this girl? This girl LIKES TO EAT.

It was at the shower that I realized how this is affecting the way I view food. For one, I am not hungry. Two, I measure and view the food I eat differently. Is it fresh? Is it processed? Did it come from a can or box? It takes time to consider these things and find the answers. But it's totally worth it.

The other really helpful thing is having someone who supports you. JR is very much like me: he loves to cook and eat good food, but he balances it with being active and daily workouts, as well a good healthy diet and lots of water. He was totally on board to not drink alcohol this weekend with me and to encourage me. I can't imagine if I had someone who wasn't a positive asset to this process - it would make it very difficult.

I found myself REALLY ready to be back on the program this morning - I got up, ran my miles, came home and made my shake. JR reported that he finished his morning workout and made his own protein shake.

Happy to be back on the G Tox!

Big shouts out to all the recent newbies also: Allison, you're going to love it!


I feel GOOOOOD today. Not kidding, full of energy, full happy tummy, healthy. And the bloating has gone down.

4 days in, I take this as a good sign.

It also doesn't hurt that I've shed some lbs, and two people have complimented me on looking "lean" this morning - I'll TAKE IT. TWICE ON SUNDAY.

Let's talk about the shakes:

I have heard a lot of griping about the shakes and, well, maybe I'm just not picky but I kind of like mine. I might have to make one for Haynes and see if she likes mine better, bless her heart she is NOT enjoying them!

They are thick - I'll give you that. But I dunno...that makes it more filling to me? Hell, I am weird.

Liz's current shake:

1/2 cup plain soy milk
1/2 small banana (too much nana makes it like gummy and funktastic - beware)
1 scoop protein powder (100% whey / chocolate)
1 Tablespoon Psyllium Husk (fiber)

*Special thanks to Dr. Ashley Group for lending me her amazing blender. It is getting a WORKOUT sister!*

The shakes definitely keep me full...I truly feel like if I WERE to eat, I would be miserable. It's definitely a departure from eating real food but I think it's an adjustment...but all in all, I have found it to be OK. Not terrible. Don't ask Mary Beth Bassett the same questions - she does NOT like the shakes!

I would love to hear what other people put in theirs? Heidi mentioned that she uses the banana and that others were using a scoop of greek yogurt which seems smart because of all the good microbial stuff up in there. I bought some fruit to experiment with but, for now, my recipe seems to be working.

Ask me on Day 15.

Everything is better in pairs...

shoes, pants, diamonds... and dieting.

I will say that one of the best things about g-tox for me, has been that Liz and I are doing it together- a pair! (and Hey-tell helps too). We can talk all day about what we are eating, text what we miss, feel good about on this, bloating?!?!, and overall encourage each other.

Is this hard- well no, but it does take planning and time. I am realizing that a lot of what i do/eat is habit and and out of lack of time. It is always going to be easier to eat that pop tart instead of making eggs and fruit. This is so much more than a body cleanse, it is also a wake up call to the things that I am putting in my body and the bodies of my little people. I am encouraged by how I feel and hope soon that my body shows that too...

Thanks for being my partner in crime Liz!

Day One (and Two)

The good:

Uh....I am NOT hungry. I was really concerned about being starving and deprived. I assure you, I am not. I'm discovering that my eating habits are just that: habits. When I come home from picking IV up, I usually make him a snack, and cut up some veggies or have 1/2 a PB sandwich myself...it's not that I'm hungry for it, it is TRULY a habit! So it's been a fun experiment to be full...and take a step back from my eating habits to analyze them.

The pills haven't been hard to get down - Haynes and I have simply tucked them in a little container in our purses and I take them throughout the day, usually after my shake or lunch.

Water, water, water. I feel so much better - I don't miss caffeine, don't miss my one-a-day-Diet-Coke habit. The water is a means to an end (LITERALLY DUDE, this is a lot of fiber and that scares me) and I'm happy to guzzle it all day long. We bought "bobbles" the drinking container with the filter in the top so anywhere we go, we can drink yummy water.

The bad:

Never have I realized how social food is in my life - my friend Dr. Ashley Group has a big test today and I started to pen a text asking her to meet for a celebratory dinner. And then had to delete it because, uh, what was I going to do? Bring a shake into Gumbo Bar?

Now, I don't plan on a life of deprivation so I know I'll be able to resume a normal social calendar soon, but it is kind of weird to not have that option anymore...it made me sad that I don't have that option right now.

My BFF Cat and I have a standing breakfast date at Sunflower every week and this morning I had water while she ate her healthy breakfast - it wasn't terrible but poached eggs looked amazing! Ha! It was a reminder that I can still enjoy friends and conversation without eating at the same time...but it's pretty annoying for pals. I assume. Cat rolled her eyes at me.

The ugly:

OK - so, I sort of look like Santa Claus. Or 4 months pregnant. Or maybe a 4 month preggers Santa Claus. Regardless, I was pretty, uh, shocked to look at my bloated belly in the mirror. What the WHAT?

So, yeah, NOT AWESOME, but I am definitely giving it a week for my body to adjust. I think that's only fair and I know from previous training for marathons that such a massive intake of water is something that my body has to regulate and get used to. So I'm digging out my most forgiving dolman tops for the work week. Improvise and overcome.

So far so good - I'm not bitchy, I'm not craving food and I gave the Victoria Secret model a high five this morning when I made my shake.

Goals for the G-tox

This year it was my goal to "challenge myself"... boy have we taken that to a whole new level... after completing my first ever 1/2 marathon at the beginning of this month- I was motivated to find the next challenge... leave to Liz Rogers to have an idea...
This day- February 21, 2012- LR and I started a cleansing, clairifying detox- Gtox if you will- to help not only continue in weight loss, but I am also using this to inspire/challenge me to be a better, healthier me. I want to do this for my girls- as an example, for my hubby- as a spouse that he is proud of, and my energy as a young mom... let's not forget the main goal of my future- a healthy one!!
Don't get me wrong- I still LOVE a good donut and can't wait to treat myself to one in about 20 days... but for now- I took my before pics in a swimsuit- humbled is the only word I can use... it is those pics that will keep me sticking to it.
National donut day- suck it.


Ground Zero...

Today starts the first day of our G-Tox experiment - I keep telling myself that I can DO ANYTHING for 21 days and that this is for my health, for my bikini body and for my sanity...but let's be real. I am SCARED about not really eating a lot of food for the next 21 days.

Food is what I do for a living - I am a Public Relations Director for restaurants. Food is how I meet people. Food is how we celebrate. Food is my livelihood. So I'm taking this on as a challenge to incorporate healthy ideas into my daily life of, well, food.

I'm also a single mom of a 3 1/2 year old boy - so between work, child-chasing, running, keeping a house together and social life, I find my self drained of energy and tired, falling into bed at 9 pm most nights. I would love to do something good for my body and health, and to have more stamina to be with IV.

The G-Tox is pretty simple really: 2 shakes a day with plenty of protein, fiber and good things, one meal of unprocessed foods, LOTS of water and a variety of healthy supplements.

The 2 shakes a day makes perfect sense to me: YOU CAN'T SCREW THIS UP. Essentially, there's only one opportunity for me to make eating decisions and to be thoughtful about it. So that's a definite plus for me.

Challenges on the horizon? Well, let's just say I won't be going on any dates for 21 days and that might be a healthy detox of it's own sort right there. Ahem.

We have dinner plans at Paco's on Friday and so I already thought about my meal for that night: salad with olive oil and vinegar on the side and one of Paco's grilled fish dinners with veggies, no starches. While it probably still has something less desirable in it, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I'm considering these things and that there are really options anywhere you go.

It also kinda resets the whole idea of rich food as a "treat" - I fall easily into a life of eating amazing food, often. And while I do practice moderation in portion sizes, I am blessed in that I get to eat incredible seafood, steaks, pastas, gourmet items on a weekly basis. The idea that these things are cause for appreciation, a pause for consideration, is a good thing. Healthy thinking.

This all sounds really smart, right? Conscientious! Healthy! OK, so here's ME BEING REAL:

Haynes and I would love to drop a few pounds before Spring Break. So I cut a goal bikini out of my new Victoria's Secret catalog and taped it to the front of my tackle box-o-supplements, as a reminder that looking smokin hot? It's hard work. Commitment. Boosh.

And coming from two girls who trained for a half marathon with 3 kiddos, ran 13.1 in the freezing ass cold rain, I think we're good.

Enjoy our journey! It's bound to be entertaining.