It's TOUGH Being a Woman...

AMEN Haynes!

Before we start picking our female traits apart...I want to tell you a story.

I woke up this morning and saw an email from Haynes about us doing the study on Esther together and how she thought we should pick up the G-Tox blog again and use it to connect during the course. So I fired up my laptop to change our masthead and "freshen" things up a bit and...

Low and behold, she had already posted! Now THAT'S being beautiful, sensitive, read-your-mind, intuitive women! YAY!

My personal experience on being a woman very much mirrored what Erin wrote below...with a twist. Most of you know that I am a single mom, so much of my life is not only being the WOMAN, but being the MAN. I feel like, for the most part, I am a pretty capable person. I can hang pictures, I can mow a yard, I have a set of tools, I can rewire my dryer for a three-prong-plug (you heard that right!).

But...that doesn't mean I WANT to.

Ooooh and that hurts! It stings! Because the stubborn, independent side of me wants to have that "can do all" attitude. And it's not only directed at the man in my life, sweet JR, but sometimes also at God. Because those indignant traits rear their head and humility is no where around.

These are definitely things that I try to work on - being "OK" with asking for help...from JR, from God, from my parents.

This past Sunday, the reading discussed having a thirst for God's word, in good times AND bad. Not just one or the other. This resonated with me because I think all too often women try to take it all on - we are amazing, wonderful, CAPABLE creatures...but for me, I think the key is remembering that it comes from God. All these blessings, characteristics, strengths - AND WEAKNESSES - come from our Almighty God.

I can't wait to take this journey with Erin - girl, you have introduced me to something that has set my soul on fire and I love that we get to walk it hand in hand, even from a distance!

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