Today WON.

For the most part.

Juggling my child. I hate juggling him. Prioritizing him below meetings.

Not once, twice. Thank you friends who can keep him at the drop of a hat and let him play with microphones and birthday party bags and finches.

Ass chewings. We all need them. I just need them less than others because they make me cry. Thanks for taking it easy on me boss. And only dropping the "ST_UPID" word once.

45 minute grocery shopping to find that my wallet is not in my purse. At the checkout.

The option(s): go the eff home and retrieve the wallet.

On the drive home, funeral traffic.

We pulled over and talked about "why, why mama do we pull over?" Talked about Rudy T., about people who make a difference in other people's lives. How we hope to have just a fraction of that many people come to bid us farewell on our last day.

Haynes said "if you can count your friends on one hand, you are blessed."

We are blessed indeed. I mulled this over.

Back to the store. The manager had put our basket in the cooler for us.

And replaced our rotissere chicken with a fresh, new one.

Little gestures. Thank you. Why, yes, it was a huge pain in the ass to schlep a 4 year old across town to retrieve a wallet and spend 2 hours shopping as opposed to 45 minutes.

Whaddaya gonna do? Thank you black rimmed glasses floor manager man at Kroger. I really appreciate you.

A friend stopped while we were unloading groceries. You look great! You seem happy! Liar. Grumble. He helped. Even though I looked like hell in gym shorts and a pony tail and aviator sunglasses.

The dinner recipe?

Turned out fast and great.

IV proclaimed it "the best dinner ever" and also loved learning about chopsticks and how other countries use them instead of forks like us.

"It's tough being a woman" says Beth Moore in our Bible study. "It's Tough Being a Woman in Another Woman's Shadow."

That "other woman"? Some days, today, she was me.

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