Esther: It is TOUGH being a woman

Can I get an AMEN?!?!
In the introduction to this study- Beth Moore posed the question
 "What are the 3 toughtest things about being a woman?" 
At first thought- easy enough... HORMONES, but upon further reflection there is so much more.  Yes I still think hormones is my #1, but it is how we are beautifully and wonderfully made.  It is our (womanly) difference from men.  We are meant to be emotional, sensitive, caring, nurturing, and sweet... this is not a "get out of jail free card" to be rude, mean insensitive, or down right hurtful... 
which leads me to my #2- BALANCE...
Hello- what woman, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, working girl doesn't struggle with balance and feel like they are failing in one aspect.  It is just as Beth Moore said, 
It is TOUGH to be a woman.  
So many balls in the air... one does inevidably drop- but as I have learned and I am sure you have too... 
THE WORLD DOESN'T END like we think it will.

#3- I think is a blend of 1 and 2- we are our own worst enemies ladies... We are competitive, jealous, caddy, and hateful to on another. Most importantly, we are unforgiving.  How are we ever going to be comfortable in our own skins when we are so worried about what our friends or worse yet our frienemies will think, do, or heaven forbid say about us...
I am SO GUILTY of this.
So many times I have stewed over the way people perceive me, rather than how God SEES me.  Convicting huh?

Don't get me wrong- I have more that make it hard to be a woman- submission, jealousy, lack of understanding... the list goes on and on...and I am hoping to grow and know more as this Bible study unfolds in my living room.

I am blessed beyond words that Liz and I are doing this study together long distance.  I pray it opens our eyes and hearts to what God wants us to see and hear from HIS word, as well as opens the doors to friendships and closes doors to those that aren't of HIM.  I pray to be the kind of wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend that God would have me to be.  I want to be a model to Mattie and Hailey- of Godly woman in Godly relationships.  
Thank you Liz for encouraging me to start this study with you- may we enjoy being a women--together!


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