The End is Near...

So, I'm on Day 19, two more days of G Tox left and maybe time for a little recap.

I feel incredible. Outside of the debacle called "Barcycle" on Sunday wherein I tried to die a slow vodka induced death on a golf cart in knee high St. Patrick's Day argyle socks.

Habits are a funny thing. My body is leaning on the G Tox method of eating and water and supplements and has become very much used to it. Expectant. It LIKES the G Tox.

MCH asked how much I've lost - it has been a total of 7 pounds. But it is a BIZARRE 7 pounds. It is in places I have never lost weight before - namely my stomach and lower body area. Belly fat, MCH claims.

I feel lighter. Slimmer. As slim as a self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian can feel, I think.

The lesson though is more than just shedding a few pounds for Spring Break (which is NICE, not gonna lie). It truly has been an exercise in modifying habits, seeing with eyes wide open the affect that FOOD has on your BODY. Emotionally, physically, everything is affected by food.

How nuts is that?!?

Day 22 is going to start a "modified" version, a Stage Two, if you will, on G Tox. I am going to continue my shakes and water, but with modified supplements provided by MCH. I would still like to shake a few more pounds off and I think the shakes really provide some structure for my day. I know a lot of G Tox-ers do NOT LOVE the shakes but, man, I must be adding crack to mine because they rock my little world.

The crack might explain the weight loss.


Gonna keep it up folks - loving some G Tox.

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