Get it Girl...

OK - so stage two has started for me and I feel like this is "real life G Tox" - wherein I am faced with real world eating habits and no longer have the crutch of "I"M ON A CLEANSE!" at the tip of my tongue. So, you know, application is the right word. Suck it up would be another choice.

For instance: this morning I joined a friend for breakfast and there was literally NOTHING on the menu that was cleanse friendly (not going to throw the establishment under the bus but...dang man, can't ya'll cook anything healthy?!). I opted for an egg white veggie omelette, knowing full well that eggs are not approved but you know what? I had to eat something. Best choice possible given the circumstances.

The things I can always control? Alcohol. Water intake. Supplements. The best choices possible.

I also have a bestie who is about to sign up for the G Tox, just waiting for all her supplements to come in. It gets me so FIRED UP to tell people about the cleanse, about how awesome they are going to feel, about the tricks of the trade, etc. This particular bestie really is looking for a weight loss option in addition to general health makeover...and I can't tell you how excited I am for her to reap the benefits of the G Tox.

Another note: HUGE snaps to my sweet friend Eliza Q., who holds me accountable constantly. We text and chat and review what we are eating, check in on one another and motivate each other. Good, bad, indifferent, we share the experience and it is SO helpful to not go at this alone. Sharing the experience and growing it together is part of what makes it so rewarding. So I definitely advise you to enlist a friend. They will talk you down when you realize you've been drooling over no bake peanut butter bars on Pinterest. Seriously.

Maintenance on the G Tox seems to be going well. The scale says so.

Here's to another 21 days!

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