Life After G-Tox

I text messaged Mary Claire last night and asked her to address one simple thing:

What happens after G-Tox??!?!?

Since I started G-Tox, I have had extremely BAD experiences with any time processed food is put in my path - my tummy hurts, I feel awful, bloated, my body is totally rejecting it now. Just say no to hot dogs and chips at golf tournaments.

Which is a beautiful thing! Right?


It's obviously not realistic - or probably recommended - that one continue on a life of psyllium husk and 13 supplements a day. The G-Tox was intended to be a reset of eating and living habits, not a lifestyle in and of itself.

Although Lance Armstrong probably takes more supplements than that. But he is a super-athlete and I'm just doing Brazilian Butt Lift. Sorry, off topic, I just have him on the brain today.

How does one segue into a "normal" life once the detox is over? I am SCARED. How will my body change? How will I maintain this weight loss and healthy good feeling? Because I do NOT want to let this go.

Well, Mary Claire has promised that there is a "modified" version that is a good next step after G-Tox. Early on, I made a mental agreement with myself that the protein shakes are something I would continue on a daily basis for at least one, if not two of my meals - they are total hassle-free, yummy way to get nutrients and good things in my body, starting at breakfast. But what else can one do to maintain all the good things G-Tox did in 21 days?

Stay tuned - MCH has agreed to answer this question for everyone! YAY!

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