Ground Zero...

Today starts the first day of our G-Tox experiment - I keep telling myself that I can DO ANYTHING for 21 days and that this is for my health, for my bikini body and for my sanity...but let's be real. I am SCARED about not really eating a lot of food for the next 21 days.

Food is what I do for a living - I am a Public Relations Director for restaurants. Food is how I meet people. Food is how we celebrate. Food is my livelihood. So I'm taking this on as a challenge to incorporate healthy ideas into my daily life of, well, food.

I'm also a single mom of a 3 1/2 year old boy - so between work, child-chasing, running, keeping a house together and social life, I find my self drained of energy and tired, falling into bed at 9 pm most nights. I would love to do something good for my body and health, and to have more stamina to be with IV.

The G-Tox is pretty simple really: 2 shakes a day with plenty of protein, fiber and good things, one meal of unprocessed foods, LOTS of water and a variety of healthy supplements.

The 2 shakes a day makes perfect sense to me: YOU CAN'T SCREW THIS UP. Essentially, there's only one opportunity for me to make eating decisions and to be thoughtful about it. So that's a definite plus for me.

Challenges on the horizon? Well, let's just say I won't be going on any dates for 21 days and that might be a healthy detox of it's own sort right there. Ahem.

We have dinner plans at Paco's on Friday and so I already thought about my meal for that night: salad with olive oil and vinegar on the side and one of Paco's grilled fish dinners with veggies, no starches. While it probably still has something less desirable in it, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I'm considering these things and that there are really options anywhere you go.

It also kinda resets the whole idea of rich food as a "treat" - I fall easily into a life of eating amazing food, often. And while I do practice moderation in portion sizes, I am blessed in that I get to eat incredible seafood, steaks, pastas, gourmet items on a weekly basis. The idea that these things are cause for appreciation, a pause for consideration, is a good thing. Healthy thinking.

This all sounds really smart, right? Conscientious! Healthy! OK, so here's ME BEING REAL:

Haynes and I would love to drop a few pounds before Spring Break. So I cut a goal bikini out of my new Victoria's Secret catalog and taped it to the front of my tackle box-o-supplements, as a reminder that looking smokin hot? It's hard work. Commitment. Boosh.

And coming from two girls who trained for a half marathon with 3 kiddos, ran 13.1 in the freezing ass cold rain, I think we're good.

Enjoy our journey! It's bound to be entertaining.

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  1. Love it!!!! You can do this - I can't wait to read all about this and the Clairify friendly food choices you can make at all of the great restaurants you work with!