Help Hand On And Off The Wagon

So, here's what I really do like about the cleanse: you have some wiggle room.

Mary Claire totally reassured me that if something comes up and you HAVE to stray from the guidelines, you can! Don't beat yourself up, just enjoy what you you're about to do and then get back on your shakes and water as soon as possible. As MCH says, "you're doing amazing things for your body the other 20 days!"

JR came into town (aww, more on him in a bit) and I realized that it was a rather unfortunate situation to be drinking protein shakes while he was wanting to try out all my Galveston eating faves. He is very supportive of the detox though, and so we agreed to not fall completely off the wagon: we DID have dinner at Paco's on Friday night, but we shared a bottle of red wine and I had snapper with pico and avocado on it, ate the sugar snap peas and skipped the potatoes au gratin. Was it the healthiest thing in the world? Probably not...but it was a smart choice given my options and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

At HH's baby shower the next day, Haynes and I indulged in a glass of champagne. But I didn't feel the need to eat any of the food there, which was WEIRD.

Because this girl? This girl LIKES TO EAT.

It was at the shower that I realized how this is affecting the way I view food. For one, I am not hungry. Two, I measure and view the food I eat differently. Is it fresh? Is it processed? Did it come from a can or box? It takes time to consider these things and find the answers. But it's totally worth it.

The other really helpful thing is having someone who supports you. JR is very much like me: he loves to cook and eat good food, but he balances it with being active and daily workouts, as well a good healthy diet and lots of water. He was totally on board to not drink alcohol this weekend with me and to encourage me. I can't imagine if I had someone who wasn't a positive asset to this process - it would make it very difficult.

I found myself REALLY ready to be back on the program this morning - I got up, ran my miles, came home and made my shake. JR reported that he finished his morning workout and made his own protein shake.

Happy to be back on the G Tox!

Big shouts out to all the recent newbies also: Allison, you're going to love it!


  1. Day 1... Detoxing started! Feeling so confident that I can do this. Both shakes are finished, not bad, pills are all down, was so worried about this , and 2 liters of water ..down the hatch! Good God I didn't think one could pee so much! Keep you posted....

    1. Allison - I can't wait to hear about your progress!