Day One (and Two)

The good:

Uh....I am NOT hungry. I was really concerned about being starving and deprived. I assure you, I am not. I'm discovering that my eating habits are just that: habits. When I come home from picking IV up, I usually make him a snack, and cut up some veggies or have 1/2 a PB sandwich's not that I'm hungry for it, it is TRULY a habit! So it's been a fun experiment to be full...and take a step back from my eating habits to analyze them.

The pills haven't been hard to get down - Haynes and I have simply tucked them in a little container in our purses and I take them throughout the day, usually after my shake or lunch.

Water, water, water. I feel so much better - I don't miss caffeine, don't miss my one-a-day-Diet-Coke habit. The water is a means to an end (LITERALLY DUDE, this is a lot of fiber and that scares me) and I'm happy to guzzle it all day long. We bought "bobbles" the drinking container with the filter in the top so anywhere we go, we can drink yummy water.

The bad:

Never have I realized how social food is in my life - my friend Dr. Ashley Group has a big test today and I started to pen a text asking her to meet for a celebratory dinner. And then had to delete it because, uh, what was I going to do? Bring a shake into Gumbo Bar?

Now, I don't plan on a life of deprivation so I know I'll be able to resume a normal social calendar soon, but it is kind of weird to not have that option made me sad that I don't have that option right now.

My BFF Cat and I have a standing breakfast date at Sunflower every week and this morning I had water while she ate her healthy breakfast - it wasn't terrible but poached eggs looked amazing! Ha! It was a reminder that I can still enjoy friends and conversation without eating at the same time...but it's pretty annoying for pals. I assume. Cat rolled her eyes at me.

The ugly:

OK - so, I sort of look like Santa Claus. Or 4 months pregnant. Or maybe a 4 month preggers Santa Claus. Regardless, I was pretty, uh, shocked to look at my bloated belly in the mirror. What the WHAT?

So, yeah, NOT AWESOME, but I am definitely giving it a week for my body to adjust. I think that's only fair and I know from previous training for marathons that such a massive intake of water is something that my body has to regulate and get used to. So I'm digging out my most forgiving dolman tops for the work week. Improvise and overcome.

So far so good - I'm not bitchy, I'm not craving food and I gave the Victoria Secret model a high five this morning when I made my shake.

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  1. Love the high five to VS supermodel.... it's whatever works.