Goals for the G-tox

This year it was my goal to "challenge myself"... boy have we taken that to a whole new level... after completing my first ever 1/2 marathon at the beginning of this month- I was motivated to find the next challenge... leave to Liz Rogers to have an idea...
This day- February 21, 2012- LR and I started a cleansing, clairifying detox- Gtox if you will- to help not only continue in weight loss, but I am also using this to inspire/challenge me to be a better, healthier me. I want to do this for my girls- as an example, for my hubby- as a spouse that he is proud of, and my energy as a young mom... let's not forget the main goal of my future- a healthy one!!
Don't get me wrong- I still LOVE a good donut and can't wait to treat myself to one in about 20 days... but for now- I took my before pics in a swimsuit- humbled is the only word I can use... it is those pics that will keep me sticking to it.
National donut day- suck it.


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