Everything is better in pairs...

shoes, pants, diamonds... and dieting.

I will say that one of the best things about g-tox for me, has been that Liz and I are doing it together- a pair! (and Hey-tell helps too). We can talk all day about what we are eating, text what we miss, feel good about on this, bloating?!?!, and overall encourage each other.

Is this hard- well no, but it does take planning and time. I am realizing that a lot of what i do/eat is habit and and out of lack of time. It is always going to be easier to eat that pop tart instead of making eggs and fruit. This is so much more than a body cleanse, it is also a wake up call to the things that I am putting in my body and the bodies of my little people. I am encouraged by how I feel and hope soon that my body shows that too...

Thanks for being my partner in crime Liz!

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