G Tox Village

Everywhere I go, I run into people on the G Tox.

I wrote that one line...and a friend JUST texted me asking about it!

It has been really helpful to listen to the experiences that others are having on the G Tox. I love hearing how people are feeling, the things they try, the things that work and don't work.

Just this morning, Sondra was telling me how she has battled with drinking Dr. Pepper for years and yet, on the G Tox, she hasn't craved one, has been able to not have one without withdrawls, etc.

Now, I'm beginning to sound like an infomercial and before I get all Brazilian Butt Lift on you (yes, I own it, SUCKER)- G Tox isn't some miracle cure for addictions to donuts and Mountain Dew.

But it IS a pretty amazing way to "re-set" your way of thinking about food and your health. We live in such a fast-paced world where convenient food is at an arm's reach...drive-through, grease, starch, fat and guess what? IT'S CHEAP.

Being considerate of what you put in your body takes effort - and time. But there are ways to do it and G Tox is a really great segue into switching to that mind set.

It takes 2 minutes to make a shake. You'd still be in the McDonald's line, I promise. So relax and rest easy knowing that two of your meals are decided for you and they are healthy, filling and EASY. FAST.

Then concentrate on that one meal - how can you pack it full of goodness, how can you enjoy the experience of making it, how can you maximize that one eating opportunity? Even when you eat out (which I do a lot, for work) - take a good look at what is IN the meal you're about to order. Don't be afraid to ask questions: does that have sugar in it? Does it have sauce? Can you bring it on the side? Take charge of what you put in your body - because you know what?

Your body is going to LOVE you for it! Lean on your G Tox Village and share your experiences with others.

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